Jessica's Summer Makeup Routine

This picture was taken on one of my all-time favorite vacations in Provence, France.  It was a family vacation and we stayed in two houses in a quaint neighborhood with windy roads and lavender fields.  Every day I took long walks to a crisp and clear stream that turned into a big pool.  There were several French families there with picnics and blankets set up lining the stream.  It was incredible!  I spent every day swimming and walking and every evening we would go into town and grab dinner or stay in and cook big meals.  I will never forget my daily baguettes and fresh salads.

My New Year's 2020 "plan" for this decade was to travel more and have more fun.  Since my plans have been cancelled this year (along with everyone else), I am embracing the little every day pleasures & attempting to bring some of my routine from that trip in Provence here to the US this summer. 

So I am starting with my daily beauty routine and even as small of a detail that it is, it makes me feel a million times better than on the days I skip it.  I decided to test out a variety of clean skincare lines & makeup and I've found some staples that stay on and make you feel pulled together.  I've always liked a polished look and these definitely do the trick.  I've found that when you wash your face to remove the makeup it comes off easily- it's a completely different experience than with regular makeup.  Please keep in mind that this is not an ad.  I selected all of these brands based on how well they work for me.  

Morning Routine:

After I rinse my face, I put on the Beauty Counter Tripeptide Radiance Serum and Ultra Renewal Eye Cream followed by Olay's Regenerist  micro-sculpting face cream.  The Beauty Counter founder, Gregg Renfrew, went to my alma mater and my college friends swear by this eye cream.  Plus we want to support a fellow UVM grad!  Next, I use Elta MD tinted sunscreen moisturizer- my dermatologist suggested it.  It's light-weight and gives your skin a fresh glow.  Then I use Morton Essentials Natural Deodorant cream- of course- with the little cosmetic spatula that comes with it.  The scent is incredible and was written up on in November 2019.



Natural Makeup Routine:

I realize the switch to natural makeup can be frustrating.  I relied on for guidance with my shopping.  These are the products I've found to work for me based on how long it lasts and how I look and feel.

1) Start off with a thin layer of ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation.

2) RMS "un" cover up eye concealer does the trick.

3) Curl your eye lashes.

4) Line your eyes with Khol eyeliner by Jillian Dempsey.  I use Black Sapphire/Waterproof.

5) Use ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara- you will notice your eyelashes look longer and a bit more dramatic.  I love this mascara!  It lasts all day.

6) Next shape and fill in your eyebrows with Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner.  Okay, I admit, I left this on overnight to see if it would stay on and it did!

7) For lips, I have two colors I am rotating between.  The brand Kosas has a great lipstick in Rosewater and the brand Madhippie has a cheek & lip tint in Poppy which works great on my skin tone.  It brightens everything- I am someone who can't go without lipstick.  I always need color.

8) For cheeks and eyelids, I take the Madhippie cheek & lip tint in Poppy.  This lasts better than any tints I've ever tried.  Period.  It's the best.

9) To finish everything off, dust some Well People Bio Baked Brightener all over.  I use Ecotools' makeup brushes- you can get them at Whole Foods!  Then take the Well People Bio Brightener stick and highlight your cheeks, nose, and any areas you typically highlight.  I've used this Bio Brightener stick since 2014.  Whenever I wear this, people come up to me and ask me about my skin!

Lastly, here is a list of the "dirty ingredients" you want to avoid.  Beauty Counter did a great job with compiling this list:

I hope this post inspires you.