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The best!

Our whole family uses Morton Essentials - they smell great and work perfectly. I’ve tried other kinds and had issues with the way they roll on or pill - Morton Essentials deodorants don’t have any of those issues. Love, love, love the scents (clean is my fav).

Great Product for Sensitive Skin

This is the only deodorant my son has tried that doesn't make him break out. He has ridiculously sensitive skin. It works great for him. We love this product! He is an active 16 year old and never stinks.

I would never go back!

I love this stuff! It's the only natural deodorant that works. I have been using this for well over a year now and could not be happier. I work out every morning before work and never have an issue is BO. It took a couple of days for my body to initially transition. I tried loads of other natural and mainstream products, this is the best.

it works!

I had tried a number of natural deodorant products over the years. My test was always wearing a cashmere sweater with an undershirt for the day, and if I stunk when I got home, then that product wasn't going to work for me. My wife swore by this product, so I tried it and it actually worked. Couldn't believe it! I I have now been using Jess's deodorant over a year and I am happy to report that it continues to work great for me. Worth the $ and super happy to have a natural brand that I can wear into the office and be confident in.

smells good. seems to work.

This stuff is the shit. Smells great and works amazing. Definitely buying again.

Beautiful candle! Thank you very much!

I have tried numerous natural deodorants and this is the first that REALLY works. My search is over. My almost teen daughter also loves it and I feel good that she is using a natural product. I will never use another deodorant! Thank you!

This candle smells amazing!! I will definitely be back for more. I also got really amazing customer service.

Smells wonderful -- thanks so much!!

I LOVE this stuff. I've used almost every natural deodorant there is, and this is the best. If you put enough on it lasts all day and you won't "burn" through it. I've tried all flavors, but pink grapefruit is special. It's also sold at WholeFoods in Santa Monica -- where once I nabbed every single pot on their shelf and gave them to friends and family and stock up. Please don't ever stop making it.

So happy my fav deodorant now comes in stick form. Simply the best deodorant there is.

Smells like ocean with a small amount of campfire - id say she got it right. I got two as gifts to give and both friends who received them love it. The package was nice and the candle jar was nice too!!

This candle smells so good, like the forest and the ocean - a perfect reminder of camping in Big Sur!

I love love love Morton Essentials Deoderant! I live in Texas where the summers never end and Ive never been able to find a deodorant that could last all day. I was a little skeptical that this product would be any different but it totally is!! It keeps me fresh, dry and the scent is so fragrant and light. You will also notice a difference if you forget this at home and are stuck having to use your old deodorant as I did. "Clinical Strength" deodorant couldn't even outdo it. I genuinely love this deodorant for how it works, what's in it and the fact that the service is top notch makes me delighted to take the time and review it. Morton Essentials has earned every star.

WOW!!! This stuff works!!! I am so so happy to have found you. Also the chapstick is amazing. So happy!

Purchased two deodarants for my sister's as Christmas gifts and they loved it! I personally do not like organic or all natural deodarants b/c they never work for me. I normally use a clinical soft solid... not anymore! Great product! Great smell and feel! Even better knowing that myself and my sisters will be healthier and happier! Thank you!

The men's deodorant smells great and lasts all day. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will order more in the future.

Morton Essential's deodorant is the best and most effective deodorant I've ever used. It really works and I love the rose scent. Plus it's all natural and chemical free.

This deodorant is amazing! Love the fresh, clean scent. This product is super effective!