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I LOVE this deodorant! I am so happy to have found a natural deodorant that actually works. This passes the test with my tennis matches in the outdoor heat- I love it! Thank you Morton Essentials!

Excellent deodorant!

I originally purchased this product because of the sustainable packaging, but quickly fell in love with how well the deodorant works! So far it has out performed my previous deodorant in every situation - including during and after exercise. I'm looking forward to trying more Morton Essentials products.

I’m in love!

I’ve tried natural and homemade recipes for deodorant with baking soda before, but this is definitely the secret sauce. It smells good, keeps me smelling good, and I haven’t noticed any increase in perspiration.

Thank you so much, Jessica! I am so happy you love it. We are happy to have you as our customer.

great product!

excellent product

Thank you so much Michael!

Thanks for the best deodorant on the market!

For years, I had struggled to find a clean, chem and metal free deodorant that was also easy to apply. That is until I discovered Morton Essentials! It’s also great to be able to order it directly from the source instead of hoping to find a retailer who has stock when I need it. Thanks!

Excellent product!

I love Morton Essentials deodorant - both the tub and the stick! Healthy ingredients, no harmful ingredients, smell good, work well - just what I need and want!

Great for Sensitive Skin!

This is the second natural deodorant brand I've ever tried and I like this one WAY better and I'm sticking to it. The smell is really nice and thus far for the past two weeks it's been keeping me in check with no stink. I also have very sensitive skin and the explorer stick has been great! The aluminum in all the other traditional brands really concern me and I'm so happy I've found a natural stick that actually works.


I was at WholeFoods and decided to give the pink grapefruit a try. I really just loved the SMELL and like many natural deodorants I thought this one wouldn't work for me as I perspire alot. WOW was I wrong. This product works great for me and I've been using it for a month. I'm good all day! The ingredients are non-toxic, the packaging is environmentally friendly and I really do love buying local products and especially from a female led business owner. Kudos to you Morton Essentials! You keep me smelling fresh all day.

Best Deodorant Ever

It works. Day in, day out. Workout days. Skip shower days. It works. No chemicals. No aluminum. Feels like I'm doing the right thing when I put it on. And I'm supporting a privately held small business instead of Procter and Gamble. I mean....

Love this deodorant

I’ve been using Morton essentials pink grapefruit for many years now, buying it on Etsy when I couldn’t find it in store. Great scent, nice smooth texture - the best natural deodorant!

Good stuff

I've been using this for about two years and really like it. I like the pink grapefruit scent and appreciate that it's not overpowering. The deodorant works well. I haven't noticed any on my clothes.

Love this minty smell!

The only natural deodorant that works for me. Doesn't leave stains on my clothes either. I definitely recommend the Fresh scent!

Amazing deodorant

Love the pink grapefruit scent! So light and refreshing. Goes on smooth and works all day. Have already recommended it to a few friends!

Best Deodorant

This is the one and only natural deodorant that works for me. I like this masculine scent.

This deodorant WORKS!

Finally a natural deodorant that works for me. I’ve tried every brand and Morton’s is the only one that works. I am telling all of my friends. Plus the texture is smooth and I love this happy, citrusy scent. I even got the subscription plan.

Love the scent and texture

Definitely 5 stars! I absolutely love this deodorant. It's lightweight and lasts. It's perfect for my sensitive skin.

Customer for LIFE!

This smells like a relaxing spa. I love how I feel when I wear this deodorant. I am always dry for 24 hours. You have to try it!

The Best Deodorant out there!

I love this Pink Grapefruit deodorant. It's so smooth and lightweight. Thank you!

Works Great!

Morton Essentials is my first (and only) venture into natural deodorant and I'm impressed. I've been using it for about 1 month and whether I'm busy working, working out, or just having fun, it has kept me odor free. It doesn't leave residue on the inside of my shirts like some of the major brand deodorants I've used for years. I also enjoy the fact that while scented, it's subtle, unlike some major brands that try to double as cologne which I'm not looking for out of a deodorant.

So good

I’ve been using this product for years. Definitely the best. No scent I've never as any issues with underarm Oder no mater how hot it is outside on my daily exercise. Big thumbs up.

Pleasantly surprised by how well this works

I picked one of these bad boys up and at first, it was definitely weird putting cream on every day. But now I can't live without it. Even when I'm out running around, I never smell. EVER. I don't even have to worry about reapplying during the day. One unexpected change is that my armpits are the softest they've ever been. Yes, you still get sweaty but it's not enough to stain your clothes (at least for me it isn't). It feels good knowing I'm not putting harmful chemicals into my body. BUY THIS DEODORANT.

Huge fan!

Rub some cream on my armpit? Yes! It works - REALLY WELL. It eliminates odor. Smells great. Lasts all day. And it’s natural, aluminum free. It’s the best out there.

Really love this deodorant!

Truly the only natural deodorant that's ever worked. I discovered this deodorant cream while pregnant- I wanted something more natural (but also effective), and after trying a million different products this has been my go-to ever since.

Pack of 3 Deodorants
Cheryl Anastasia
Safe and works great!

I hadn’t found a safe deodorant that actually worked until I tried Morten Essentials.
It works fantastic and the scents are so pleasant. My husband and I both use it.

Love the fresh smell and feel!

We love Morton Essentials deodorants because they are plant-based, safe, and effective! My daughter loves the Pink Grapefruit scent for an all-day fresh smell! We are so grateful to have found a healthy, natural option for the whole family!