Benefits of Essential Oils

One of the best parts about our deodorants and one of my favorite ingredients in them are the essential oils! Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because of their great health benefits, both physically and through aromatherapy. Their use can be dated back to ancient India, Persia, and Egypt. They were mainly used for medicine, in beverages, and as perfumes.

In modern times, essential oils are made through the processes of distillation or cold pressing. Distillation is the process of heating up the plant until it releases its oils in the form of a vapor. Then the vapor is passed through a cooling tube where it condenses into a liquid. At the end, the oil and leftover floral liquid separate and you are able to remove the essential oil. Cold pressing is the process by which essential oils are removed from a plant through a blending process. Fresh fruits or plants start by being ground up. Then, they are applied with pressure and in some cases heat to squeeze all of the liquid out. Lastly the mixture goes through a filtration process to remove any excess pieces and it leaves you with just the essential oil. Most essential oils are made from plants and once the aromatic part of the plant is removed, it is added to oil to make it last and allow it to spread easily on the skin. In addition, it can be combined with other ingredients to create scrubs, lotions, or other bath products.

Now that you know how essential oils are made, let’s move on to why you should care about them and what benefits they can have for you. You’ll often see them used in air diffusers in yoga studios because they have benefits like reducing anxiety and stress as well as boosting your mood. They have also been found to relieve headaches, nausea, and inflammation. A bonus of using them in a diffuser is that they are a cleaner way to make your home smell nice as opposed to burning mainstream candles, which can have lots of chemicals in them. The reason that we like essential oils for use in our deodorants is because they have bacteria killing properties! This is actually what stops body odor from stinking even if you are sweating. The liquid sweat that your body releases doesn’t have a scent, but when it sits on your skin the bacteria that grows in it does develop an odor. The essential oils we use like rose oil and jojoba oil kill bacteria, which helps you to smell fresh all day long. Other oils like tea tree oil can be used for treatment and prevention of acne, while lavender oil is used for sleep and relaxation.


While there are hundreds of benefits to using essential oils, it is important to make sure you are following the dosage and directions on the bottle. Normally a few drops will do the trick. They are highly concentrated and adding too much of a good thing is never really good. So while using them in moderation, enjoy the great benefits of improved sleep, less anxiety, and more relaxation!

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