Why Dry Brushing is good for you

           Has your skin felt less than glowing lately? Well, between the changing seasons and just general exposure, your skin could be trying to tell you it needs a little TLC. I wanted to share a little beauty tip that I love and have found to help me- dry brushing! It’s great because of all the benefits that my skin gets from it like exfoliation, increasing blood flow, and detoxifying the skin.

            So what is dry brushing? It is a practice of body massaging that uses a stiff-bristled brush to clear away dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. During the brushing process, pores are unclogged which, in turn, helps your body to sweat out toxins properly. Dry brushing can also help increase blood flow as the brushing motion helps to encourage blood to circulate through your system and give your skin that glowing look. You may wonder what’s the point of doing this dry when you could just use a loofah in the shower? Great question! The answer- hot water can dry out your skin and take away some of the natural oils that are present on your skin. Having a lack of oils and natural proteins on your skin can leave it red and itchy. In comparison dry brushing allows you to get all of the benefits of exfoliation without stripping the good parts away from your skin.

            Dry brushing is very simple and only takes a few minutes in the morning. First you’ll want to find a natural-bristle brush to use. Some brushes have very stiff bristles and others have semi-soft bristles. The key to finding the right one is to know your skin. If you have very sensitive skin, it may be better to use a softer bristle, but if you have normal or rough skin perhaps a stiffer bristle is the way to go. I usually start with my feet and ankles and move my way up my body. On your legs, you’ll want to use long strokes, but as you get up to your torso and back circular brushes are better. Don’t forget: always remember to listen to your skin! If something feels a bit too rough, lighten up on the pressure. You never want it to hurt and in this case less is more. A few swipes over each area is enough. For best results do this right before you shower so you can wash away any skin particles that get rubbed off and start your day feeling fresh and energized!


Written by: Jessica Rogers

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