Book Recommendation- The Little book of Self-soothing by Robin Raven

I was on vacation in Florida and every evening right before sunset, I took a dip in the ocean.  The waves and salt water washed away every inch of stress that I was accustomed to feeling.  Stress that had become a part of me but wasn't me.  It wasn't just that I was on a vacation but specifically the ocean that had that powerful effect on me.  It also made me realize that in my day-to-day life, I clench my jaw most of the time out of habit.  My face was immediately relaxed in the ocean.  I found it interesting that there was such a vast difference between how I felt before a swim to how I felt afterwards.  It made me think that life can be lived in a different way.  By experiencing life through a new lens and not at such a frenetic pace in those moments on that trip, I realized my life could be full of peace and calm even in the unsettling moments.  So when I came back home, I started taking magnesium salt infused bubble baths at night which helped maintain what I had discovered (somewhat).  I started thinking about all the things I could do in my life to create that sense of calm.  If you are like me and looking for ways to create that peace in your life on a day-to-day basis (without having to take a vacation), I've found 150 ways for you!

My friend Robin Raven wrote this fun book called The Little Book of Self-soothing- 150 ways to manage emotions, relieve stress, and restore calm.  By incorporating these self-soothing practices as needed, you will notice a dramatic positive impact on your life and ultimately on those around you.  You will get to experience a new version of yourself full of helpful tools.  I've pulled together a few of my new go-to tools for you from this list.  Please run and get this book!  

Here are five of my favorites from her book:

1) Engaging in deliberate breathing.  Any time I notice that I have shallow breathing, I start breathing deeply pressing all the way down to the bottom of my stomach.  You can do this anywhere even in the middle of a meeting.  The important part is that you are observing your breathing.  She suggests inhaling for five seconds and exhaling for five seconds.  Try to do this for a couple of minutes.  You will notice the stress melt away and you will be calmer throughout the day.


2) Listen to an inspirational speech (online or with your earbuds walking, etc.)

She suggests after listening to the speech, to write a short reaction to it.

3) Choose a new song for inspiration

A few blog posts ago we shared a Morton Essentials playlist with you.  Feel free to snag one of those!

4) Recite a poem

This is an easy one because you always have the help of Google to search for poems.  However, I suggest browsing the aisles of a bookstore or a library.  Maybe even pick up an old Shel Silverstein book and travel back in time reciting one of his poems.  


5) Organize a drawer or shelf

She suggests thinking about how good it feels to relax in a pristine environment as you clean.  Write down how it makes you feel.

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