Morton Essentials' Spring 2024 Playlist

Can you believe it’s already March?! The weather is getting nicer, the sun is setting later, and people just seem happier. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the effect that the change in weather has had on yourself and those around you. There are two things I’ve found to have this effect: weather and music! Having the perfect song can change the mood of a gathering, solidify a memory, or bring back a nostalgic time. Some organizations say it’s because of the dopamine released and some say it’s because of the endorphins, but they all conclude one thing: listening to music just makes you feel better!

With that, I wanted to share a playlist of my songs that I think are perfect for the Springtime and appreciating what is in front of you. Whether you’re driving down the highway with the windows down or just enjoying a picnic outside in the next couple of months, you can use this starter playlist to really set a light-hearted mood and enjoy whatever aspect of life you are living at that moment!

1. Good to Be- Mark Ambor

2. Curls in the Wind- Mark Ambor

3. Don’t Wanna Be Without you- Penny and Sparrow

4. Caesar Knows-Oliver Hazard

5. Maine- Noah Kahan

6. Way Back When- Kodaline

7. Busyhead- Noah Kahan

8. Good Grief- Bastille

9. Someone to You- BANNERS

10. We’re All Gonna Die- Joy Oladokun, Noah Kahan

11. Honeybee- The Head And The Heart

12. Brand New- Ben Rector

13. Safe- BANNERS

14. Mountain Sound- Of Monsters and Men

15. Hallucinogenics- Matt Maeson


Spring is a great time for starting something new and that can include getting reconnected to nature before the summer hits! Spring reminds us that even with ebbs and flows, flowers will still bloom and nature will balance itself. I like to take this thinking into my own life and it helps me to remind myself that everything happens for a reason even if I don’t yet understand why. 

The reason I like these songs is because they feature themes of living life to the fullest, exploring as much as you possibly can, and having fun with the amazing souls that you meet along the way. A lot of times, people get caught up in the day to day of their jobs, classes, or just whatever life happens to throw at them. It’s always good to take a step back to evaluate what is truly important to you and of course, don’t forget to smell the roses along the way!

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