Vacations are essential

Hi Everyone!

It's Jessica, the founder, here.  I am sending you tons of love from my last day on vacation.  I've spent hours walking on the beach each day including a 12 mile run/walk on Saturday.  It's so refreshing and calming for me to be fully immersed in nature.  

I am here to remind you that whether taking a break at home for a "staycation" or traveling to a new destination, vacations are essential.  I always come back refreshed, inspired, and recharged.  I encourage you to try something new this year!

I am even more excited for our environmental mission and to see the progress we will make in 2022.  What are your plans for this year?

Thank you for wearing our natural deodorant and for spreading the word.  Brick by brick- we are using business and our purchasing power as a FORCE FOR GOOD.


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